Spanish Escape 2015.

30th July - 2nd August

Fancy a relaxing break with lots of massage, yoga and other mind/body practises?

This event is the perfect way to wind down, de-stress and rediscover yourself. Detaching from phones and computers and reconnecting with nature!

Budokon Spain and La Tea have organised this amazing retreat which will take place in the beautiful Spanish Pyrenees.

Beko Kaygee (Director of F3 Yoga School) has been invited to share at this event along with reputable teachers- Sensei Vicente and Prof. Donato. Beko will be teaching Chi Kung (Qigong), Tai Chi (Taiji) and of course Yoga.

We will be meeting in Barcelona to travel together (3hrs) to Huesca. The return journey to Barcelona will cost €50.

The price for this wonderful retreat experience is €315 (£230) before 25th May and €370 (£270) after that (excludes flights & transfers). Booking is open for this event, so don't delay, reserve you space today!

Turkey Retreat 2015.

15th - 29th September

F3 & MBT - Holistic Health Retreat
Bodrum - Turkey


A Mind & Body Retreat in the Sun to relax, recharge and rejuvenate. You can enjoy an excellent programme of exercise, relaxation and mind body activities taking place throughout your one week/ ten days or two week stay. Whether you are a fitness enthusiast, seasoned Yogi, martial artist, Tai Chi practitioner, stressed out business worker or you are just looking for a relaxing break, this Holistic Retreat experience will be just the kind of escape that you are looking for!