A typical Budokon M.M.A session will comprise of the following 5 key elements;


   1. Budokon Calisthenics

  • Fitness, Conditioning, Animal Locomotion and Strength Training

  • Floating, Hand-standing, Tricks & Training with Parallettes, Gymnastics Rings & Bars










   2. Budokon Grappling (BJJ)

  • Break-falls, Rolling & Tumbling, Ground Drills and Escapes

  • Submissions & BDK- BJJ Kata











   3. Budokon Mixed Martial Arts

  • BDK Striking, Flexibility Training, Martial Arts Conditioning & Technical Breakdown

  • Self Defence Techniques, Sparring and BDK Katas (Belt System)












   4. Budokon Yoga

  • BDK Yoga Primary Series

  • BDK Yoga Flow

  • 5. Budokon Mobility

  • BDK Mobility breakdown drills for joint and soft tissue management

  • BDK Mobility Chain development for agility & fluidity as well as therapy for Body & Mind

FOR ALL BUDOKON ENQUIRIES, EMAIL:  beko@budokonlondon.com