Our intimate venue is located by the river Graveney in a quiet residential area, tucked away from the noisey hustle and bustle of the high street. We are within easy walking distance from Streatham High Road (A23) and equidistant from both Streatham Common and Norbury Rail Stations. There is ample (free) on 'street' and 'off street' parking at the studio and our metal fence also doubles as an ideal locking point for all you eco-friendly cyclists.

The space is mainly used for personal training and small private group sessions due to its size. However, for our open classes, this is to your advantage as the numbers are capped at 10 and this means that you can be assured of the best quality teaching and plenty of individual attention for those essential corrections, tweeks and adjustments that will help to progress your yoga practise to no end!

If you want to take your yoga to the next level or if you are a beginner wanting to build your confidence before braving an open class, why not try a 1-to-1 session were you will receive the undivided attention of a fully qualified instructor for the entire duration of the session.

Perhaps you have a group of friends that are considering starting yoga or have been practising for a while and are feed up of the 'same old thing'. We can tailor sessions specfically to the needs of your group and run a private class just for you! With private group sessions, you also benefit from huge savings as the same fee for a 1-to-1 session can be shared equally amongst your group (1-to-many). The more people you have in your group, the less each member will have to pay!

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The studio has a shower room and toilet at the back that is stocked with towels, soap, shampoo and shower gel.

We also have a massage couch and our qualified therapists can cater for everything from indian head massage and facials to pedicures, foot massages and everything inbetween! Check out our spa treatments tab to find out more (by appointment only).

Additionally, we have a small kitchenette so that those early arrivals can settle down to a nice cup of herbal tea to shake off the day and de- stress before an evening yoga class, or so that the ladies can have a natter about the joys of motherhood over a beverage after the morning post natal yoga session.


1-2-1 Sessions are a great way to boost your practise, progress your training, learn new yoga poses and get support with any aspects of yoga that you may be struggling with whether it is a difficult pose (Asana) or sequence (Vinyasa) in the physical practise, aspects of the various breathing methods (Pranayama), Meditation (Dhyana), or even gaining clarity on some of the more spiritual aspects (Sadhana).


1-2-Many is the perfect option for training with friends and progressing together in an informal environment. It is also the ideal answer if you want the benefits of personal training while working with a smaller budget. To find out more, go to the 'private sessions' section under the 'services' tab.


The most cost effective way to experience F3- Yoga. Open classes are exactly that; open to all evels of abiliity. Complete novices are as equally welcome as the experienced yogis. Our experienced teachers will ensure that new students are given plenty  of attention while experienced practitioners are still given plenty of challenge and not left feeling short changed.
Our preference is for you to block book your sessions in advance and we have heavily discounted the block booking prices as an incentive. Attending regular classes is the only way to truely progress your yoga practise, with guidance from expert and professional yoga teachers. The first session is free as we encourage you to 'try before you buy' and if you do wish to continue on a 'drop-in' basis, the per class price will be significantly higher. Please visit the 'Classes & Courses' section under the 'F3 Yoga Shop' tab for our full list of services and prices.