BUDOKON® "the way you do anything is the way you do everything"

Budokon® (bu-do-kon) translates directly in Japanese as (Bu) warrior, (Do) way, (Kon) spirit or "Way of the Spiritual Warrior". Created by Miami based trainer to the stars- Kancho Cameron Shayne, Budokon® is a mind and body art form inspired by the ancient traditions of Yoga, Martial Arts, Zen Meditation and the study of natural - pain free (animalistic) movement.

Childrens Yoga & Martial Arts


F3- Yoga School believes that each child has potential for greatness.  BUDOKIDS® is a programme of Martial arts, yoga and wellness for children. Healthy living as we grow up is supported by proper exercise and nutrition. World renowned trainer to the stars, Cameron Shayne, has created a fun, dynamic learning programme for kids using exercise, yoga and martial arts techniques as well as nutritional counselling to assure our kids grow up fit and strong.

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Adult Yoga Programme


BUDOKON® YOGA is the pioneer of traditional yogic, martial and living arts intergration and many popular schools of yoga are now incorporating elements of the BUDOKON® YOGA system into their practise in an attempt to bring their disciplines into the modern era. Yoga is steadily evolving in the direction of intergration, so now is the time to join the movement that is leading the way in delivering ancient methods to the modern body and mind.

BUDOKON® YOGA currently has 2 modes of practise that are accessable to everyone and ensure that you will find the practise that best suits you, whether pre- choreographed or in variable class formats. 

BUDOKON® YOGA is the perfect complement to any yoga style, so if you are an existing practitioner looking for something new, something different or something to give you an increased challenge as your body has become used to your current practise, then this is the art for you!

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Adult Yoga & Martial Arts Fusion


BUDOKON® MMA (Mixed Movement Arts) is an integration of three key elements: Yoga, Martial Arts and Life Coaching (the living arts). The practise is a seamless expression influenced by Iyengar and Ashtanga Yoga, Tai Chi, Capoeira, Taekwondo and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Training is open to all adults irrespective of age, ability, gender or fitness level and the practise can be adapted to suit your needs. There are currently five options available to any adult wishing to get involved in the BUDOKON® system, so there is guaranteed to be something for you. No time like the present as this system will change your life FOR THE BETTER! Why not come and join the growing international BUDOKON® family?

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For the full listing of Budokon® teachers in the UK, visit: www.budokon.com/budokon-uk