Budokon® Yoga

F3 - Yoga School currently offer four options for training with the BUDOKON Yogic method.

The options are outlined below so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

You can of course choose to do more than one as they all complement each other.



If you are into gracefull yet powerfull flowing movement and love variety, then this is the one for you. No two classes are the same, so you are sure to be constantly challenged, motivated and inspired! The asanas (postures) chosen each week will be based around a theme and seamlessly threaded together, linking movement, intention and breath.

This is a great yoga practise based on Kancho Cameron Shayne's original DVD series: Flow & Flexibility; Power & Agility; Strength & Balance.



A practise that merges ancient traditions with modern methods in Kancho Cameron Shayne's creation; The Budokon Primary Series. All of our favourite Budokon techniques have been connected together in this continuous flowing vinyasa. Think of the Primary Series of Ashantga Yoga but with a twist of integration! Still the graceful flying and floating with a spicy addition of Warriors Bridges, Dancing Lions, Shushumna Channel opening Spinal Waves and much, much more!

Check out the YouTube video clip to get a taster of the amazing 'Budokon Primary Series'. Be inspired, not disheartened, as we will work gradually from the basics and evolve our practise together on a journey towards making the series feel as effortless as Kancho Cameron makes it look!



This practise uses mobility and agility movement patterns, yoga and animal locomotion to enhance and/or develop joint stability and mobility as well as strength and flexibility to the surrounding tendons and muscles. The practise will help to alleviate tension caused by repetitive movements such as those experienced by Dancers, Martial Artists and certain other career and hobby choices. Budokon Yogic Mobility is also great for opening energetic and neuromuscular pathways for more effective responses/reflexes, muscle memory and to promote faster healing/repair and recovery.



Elements of the Martial Arts aspects are taught alongside the Yoga discipline in this one-to-one programme that is designed to burn calories safely and effectively without high impact aerobic training. This is done by moving with awareness and a focus on using correct technique which is far more challenging than just throwing your limbs around at tempo. This method is scientifically proven and results are guaranteed.
This programme is also suitable for those looking for an introduction into the Budokon Mixed Movement Arts system and is recommended for both beginner and intermediate levels alike.

Those training for weight loss purposes will be combining the practice with the study of Mind and Food Science. For best results it is recommended that you book a consecutive course of a minimum 10 weeks duration. Email Beko to book your initial PT consultation.