Programmes for Children​

F3- Active Kidz is a joint collaboration with F3- Yoga School; F3- Fitness, Dance & Martial Arts; and F3- Tai Chi & Chi Kung Academy. The aim is to put your childs health and well being first and the company is focused on the mission to play an active role in contributing towards the reduction in the Nations fast growing issue with child obesity. Our programmes are not just about exercise but rather a holistic approach to their whole development physically, mentally and socially.

Little Yogis

Playful Yoga Fun for Early Years!


Movement, Learning, Stories & Animal Play, a Great Way to Develop Children’s Minds & Bodies at Key Stage 1 (ages 4 – 7).

Fitness and Safety for Children!

A dynamic programme of Exercise, Yoga and Martial Arts to develop confidence, health, and the many components of fitness which include; coordination, strength, agility, balance & flexibility

Shaolin Warriors

Masters of the 5 Elements!


Encouraging Kids to be respectful while having fun and gaining skills such as; endurance, balance, control, flexibility, and awareness. Kids progress through a martial arts curriculum based on Kungfu, Tibetan Yoga, Tai Chi, Chi Kung and themes from nature. With time for both movement skills development as well as for the kids to connect with each other and discuss key concepts about what it means to follow the warrior path. Children learn from nature to integrate vibrant health and well being into their lives through the framework of our ancient Chinese Medicine & Martial Arts System.

Yoga Land

A Fun Place to LEARN & PLAY!

Yoga Land is a combination of Yogic Exercise, Child Therapy, Relaxation and Breathing Techniques which is also great for Stress Relief & Alleviating School Anxiety. The programme is aimed at children of Key Stage 2 (age 8 – 11)

Family Yoga

Fun for all the Family!


Family Yoga Therapy is a wonderful way for children and their parents/carers to strengthen their relationship and understanding of each other. It’s not about achieving the perfect pose but about being and learning together.